Existence of God – A big question mark

By Aditya Rangroo

My grandmother every morning offer prayers to Almighty. Her day begins with prayers and ends with meditation. I often ask her, whom you are offering prayers and devoting so much time, she always says that there is an unknown and unseen force that has created, controlled and directed the entire dynasty and we (human beings) are his creations. He is Supreme Being. People recognize him by different names Bhagwan, Allah, and Jesus. People search him in temples, mosques, churches and even keep fasts on various days in a year. It is believed that one can feel his presence in holy places of mecca-madina, kedarnath-badrinath, Vaishnov Devi, Amarnath etc. Even, many wear an accessory which represents the God or are a symbol of God. There are many white men or more precisely sadhus, priests, Maulavi around and they have been declared next to God. People even worship them.

Now lately, a new question has cropped up in my mind whether to believe in the existence of omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent God. It would be too impertinent on my part to contradict on those well known and renowned personalities who have faith and are a firm believer in the existence of God. But, still, I feel it is my duty to present my views on it. Unlike other people, I was also a firm believer of God. Undoubtedly, he has created the dynasty and everything is pre planned. But whenever I come across suppressors, tyrants and capitalist vampires who exploit the workers, farmers and even are responsible for mayhem, I certainly refuse to recognize the existence of God.

My atheism is not only the origin of today; I stopped believing in God when we (Kashmiri pandits) have been thrown out from our homeland. The so called “freedom struggle” or more precisely “aazadi” which involves an immortal sanguinary strife, exploitation of youths, destitution, has led me to adopt this mode of thinking. Moreover, recent incidents of bomb explosions in Bangalore, Delhi, and on tourist bus in Kashmir then massacre in doda district in Jammu which soaked the blood of innocent people made my belief stronger. There are the two ways in believing in God, a man either thinks to be a rivalry of God or himself to be a God.

Truly mentioned in “Quran”, “Bible” and “Bhagwad Geeta” that human being is the creation of God and he is responsible behind an every course of action, if it is so, then why there is so much of hostility and hatred around, why inequality and differences, why so much of corruption, thieves and criminals. And, if someone claims the existence of God, I would like to put question before them, if you believe in God call him today, show him past and make him study the present and let us see, if he dares to say “All is well”.

There is a saying of legendary poet Kabirdas in one of his poetical work – “Ae manushay tu ishwar ko kaha dondta firta hai, na woh mandir mein hai na masjid mein, na kaba pe aur na hi kailash pe, who to tere maan mein nivas hai, ishwar to har manushay ke hriday ya maan mein rehta hai”. We all hold an immense respect and regard for his thoughts and embrace his work but if it is really true then why man indulges in heinous crime, why he chose the path which involves killings of innocent people, rapes, cheating, etc. Now, I don’t believe in his saying not even by any stretch of imagination I feel the words are convincing, if God really appears in everyone hearts then how one can commit such shuddering crimes.

Almighty or more precisely Supreme Being, is required to shower all his blessings on people, and is required to take all evil away. But, does it happen?
People see an indomitable spirit and intangible support in him but how far almighty have succeeded in sustaining it.

What do you think shall be the fate of a man who has been born in a poor and illiterate family of says a chamar or a sweeper? He is poor, hence he cannot study. He is hated and shunned by his fellow human beings who think themselves to be his superiors having been born in say a higher caste. His ignorance, his poverty and the treatment meted out to him shall harden his heart towards society. Suppose he commits a sin, who shall bear the consequences? God, he or the learned ones of, the society? What about the punishment of those people who were deliberately kept ignorant by the haughty and egotist Brahmans and who had to pay the penalty by bearing the stream of being led (not lead) in their ears for having heard a few sentences of your Sacred Books of learning-the Vedas? If they committed any offence-who was to be responsible for them and who was to bear the brunt?

What was the fault of those innocent people who died in a famous Jaliawalabag Massacre? What happened to General Dyer then, he didn’t undergo any constrain or agony. What retribution he suffered? Children became orphans and women became widow, what we shall call it, blessings by Supreme Being or gift.

Take the case of Jessica Lal, who was shot dead but what happened to accused, he got released even after committing a crime (everybody knew it even the Honorable. Judge). Now, what do you call it, a complete death of humanity or justice? Here, the question arises where Almighty was and what he was doing that time. I am reminded of saying of Krishna “jab jab is dharti pe zulm aur nainsaafi hoogi mein janam loonga aur usse mita doonga”. So where is he.

Readers, now do you think the existence of Almighty is sacred and pure or it is just a blind faith which is being followed since ages.

(The writer is the student of Mass Media & Journalism, University of Mumbai).

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