Save Sarbajit Singh

Published in the Daily Excelsior, Jammu, 30 Aug, 2005

The execution sentenced by Pakistan to Sarbajit Singh is unfair and unjustifiable. He has mistakenly crossed the border in 1990 due to which Pakistan has labeled him a RAW agent. If it is so, then Pakistan should present all the evidences which will prove his links with RAW. Pakistan hasn’t been able to show all the documents which will prove his crime, whereas he has enough evidence to prove his innocence but Pakistan didn’t take it into consideration.
Therefore, this is an appeal to the Indian Government to save our Indian brother Sarbajit Singh. Poor fellow hasn’t seen the light for past 15 years.
On the other hand, Pakistan information & broadcasting minister Sheikh Rashid claimed that nobody can save Sarbajit not even President Musharraf. Don’t you think this cruel decision made by Pakistan has showed their strong hospitality and hatred towards India?

Yours, Aditya Rangroo
Kandivli, Mumbai

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