Women and media

Published in the Daily Excelsior, Jammu, 21 October

With reference to (Women and Indian media, Oct 14) by Sweta Patwardhan. I welcome the kind views of author on the current scenario of women in India. It is absolutely true that media has played a great role in uplifting women’s rights and giving them recognition. But, I would like to bring the kind attention of media on those incidents which have disturbed the whole equilibrium of women in this regard. In the two financial cities of India likely Delhi and Mumbai, number of rapes has taken place the most shuddering was the rape of 16 yrs old at marine drive (Mumbai) by police constable. Every second day a rape is bound to happen in Delhi but police and media is just echoing the issue and no effective initiatives has been taken so far. When we talk about the media, it never highlights the problems of those beleaguered women in rural areas which are facing discrimination, domination and most popularly dowry issue. Even in MNCs women are facing exploitation by their bosses and colleagues. If media has given enough attention to the women but at the same time it has neglected the various issues. If man and women share equal rights then why not women have reservation in assembly, parliament and services. Therefore, it is unfair to claim that a woman has got all relevant exposure and security in terms of rights, recognition and appreciation.

Yours, Aditya Rangroo
Kandivli, Mumbai

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