Languishing in Pak jails

Published in the Kashmir Images, 20th July, 2005

Dear Editor,
Recently I read in a local newspaper a report saying several youths from J&K were languishing in the Lakhpat jail of Lahore, Pakistan. Some of these have been sentenced to 7 years imprisonment and some that of 10 years. Although they all have completed their jail term but still they are not released. Jail conditions are worst and many of them have died in the jail itself even after completing their jail term.
Few prisoners have written a letter to the government of India, but to their utter disappoint not a single initiative has been taken so far. Prisoners neither are brute criminals nor belong to any terrorist group; reports have proved that all are localite and have mistakenly crossed the border in early 1990s. Under these circumstances should not the chief minister provide immediate attention to those youths who haven’t seen the sunlight for the last 12-15 years?

Aditya Rangroo

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