No appeal

Published in the The Asian Age, 23 July, 2005

The news is that for the first time the Hurriyat will talk to the Pandits. They will visit their camps. It is to highlight their claim to “secularism.” But strangely, they have been struck by secularism only after their recent meeting with General Pervez Musharraf. How can these people pose as conduits or mediators between the governments of the two nations, when they themselves are the ones who started violence and terrorism? What are these people going to offer to the Pandits? And why do they want to talk to the Pandits? Is it that in this post 9/11 world, Hurriyat leaders have understood that violence has lost its appeal. Therefore they want to project themselves as non-violent, peace loving people. These people want a secular image and are therefore trying to use the Pandits.

Aditya Rangroo,
Kandivli, Mumbai

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