Nation forgets Bhagat Singh

Published in the Published in the Daily Excelsior, 23rd March, 2006

Exactly 75 yrs ago, three men mounted gallows and embraced the noose happily and boldly. Imperial powers were so afraid that even after their execution they clandestinely took their bodies in isolation and chopped them into pieces and threw them into the famous Sutluj river. Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru sacrificed their lives for the cause of freedom; we can never forget the contribution made by them during freedom struggle. Today everyone believes that India would have been different if Bhagat Singh & comrades would have been alive. It is satisfying to learn that India regarded him “National Hero” but at the same time it pains to learn that no sort of tribute is paid to him on his martydom or birthday. Moreover, only slight information is available about him in syllabus in schools. Has India really done justice to his sacrifice? We should appreciate movies like “Rang De Basanti” for bringing Bhagat Singh and his ideologies back. We can produce famous politicians or leaders of that era but there can be one and only one Bhagat Singh.

Yours, Aditya Rangroo

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