Letter to the Editor

Published in The Asian Age, 26th Aug, 2005

Sir, The death sentence given to Sarabjit Singh by the Pakistani Supreme Court, if carried out, will be a grave mistake. If he is indeed a RAW agent, Pakistan should give us the evidence to prove his links with RAW. By the way, Sarabjit Singh has enough evidence to prove his innocence. Therefore, this is an appeal to the Indian government to save Sarabjit Singh (PM says he’ll talk to Pervez on ‘spy’ issue, August 24). The poor fellow has been imprisoned for the past 15 years. And now Pakistan information minister Sheikh Rashid (who himself harboured militants at his own farmhouse) claims that nobody can save Sarabjit, not even President Pervez Musharraf. This cruel decision shows Pakistan’s strong hostility and hatred towards India.

Aditya Rangroo,

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