Spent force

Published in The Asian Age, 5 November, 2005

Arunava Bose Chowdhury has come out strongly in defence of former cricket captain Sourav Ganguly in his letter Iron will (November 2). It is true that Ganguly has had an impressive record. But we should not forget that he continuously failed to contribute for over one year. For the last one year Ganguly’s presence or absence did not make any difference to the team. Recently, after winning the second One-Day International against Sri Lanka, captain Rahul Dravid said that the current squad was the best and we did not need to make any changes. This clearly shows the reputation that Ganguly has among his team members. While it is true that J.P. Yadav has not contributed much, as claimed by the letter writer, it is also true that he never got the opportunity to bat fully in this series, whereas Ganguly got more than 50 opportunities in the last one year. So the question of replacing Yadav with Ganguly does not arise.

Aditya Rangroo,
Kandivli (East), Mumbai

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