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Youth and Drugs

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By Aditya Rangroo

Use of drugs is not a recent phenomenon. Use of opium is reported in ancient societies. The Chinese were one called a nation of opium eaters. It was taken as sedative.

The British colonialists in China made the use of opium as a political weapon in early 19th century. They did not want the Chinese people become actively political and thus let the British derive economic benefits, as they liked.

In a sense, the greed of commercial benefit has resurfaced in modern times. But it is not limited to the colonial powers as was the case then. It has proliferated to other countries and communities.

The youth are the prime victim. The reason is simple. They are attracted more frequently than the elders to something novel and exciting. – Commercial factor is in place.

The youth generally want to copy what they see in the films. The filmmakers want to introduce new themes to make their films a success. They do not think of the adverse effect wrong things can have on the youth. As youth want entertainment, they see the films and copy the scenes.

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