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From the trenches

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By Aditya Rangroo

War and warriors have been glorified heroically in ballads through the ages. Dying for the cause of one’s country regardless of its consequences on the either side of the firing line is considered the ultimate sacrifice. A soldier’s profession is regarded as noble. The perception is that any protest against war is unpatriotic. The death of enemy combatant is celebrated and the casualty of civilians is a ‘collateral damage’.

After the year 2004, there has been an unprecedented surge in conflicts all over the world, Congo War (comprising nine African nations), India (persisting Kashmir, Assam, and Naxalite insurgency), Algeria (Muslim fundamentalist insurgency), and Myanmar (ethnic minority insurgency) are some of the examples. Continue Reading…

Letter for the editor – Daily Excelsior

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(Written by Aditya Rangroo, London, on March 2, 2010)

Dear Sir,
This is with refrence to ‘India target of 313 Brigade (DE 2 March) by Dr. K.N. Pandita. After reading this article, I and others like me now understand why the Indian side during the recent foreign secretaries meeting in New Delhi on 25 February presented the third dossier to Pakistan, which brought to light the terrorist activites of a Pakistani national Ilyas Kashmiri, and demanded that he is handed over to New Delhi. Since Paksitan as well as the US-Nato troops are asking for the blood of Ilyas Kashmiri, Pakistan should have no reason to dismiss this particular dossier and say that what India has presented is “literature”. We know that what Pak foreign minister Mr. Bashir said in his press conference was mostly for home consumption as the Pakistanis are always fed on anti-India propaganda. But that the intelligence agencies of the two countries are in contact behind the curtain, it is hoped that Ilyas Kashmiri will be apprehended as early as possible and charges brought against him by India will be substantiated.